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Speak Norsk – Norwegian Language School

Speak Norsk is the fastest growing Norwegian Language school in Oslo, which has the ambitious to be first school that come in peopleĀ“s mind when they think about learning Norwegian. In order to achieve this Speak Norsk hired Alis in Adland, to help them with the visual communication through all the channels.

We started our collaboration in July 2019 and since then we have worked together on numerous projects. Two of the biggest projects were to redesign the website and to design 15 books (3 books for each level).

The result of this came immediately, when the school started to gain the trust not only of new students, but also from different companies (like Vipps) who signed with them to offer courses to their employees.


Web design for Speak Norsk
alis in adland


Book Speak Norsk
book design alis in adland

Example of Promotional Material