VR Meet-up in Oslo

February 23, 2016
Alis Chetreanu

Last week I attended the first VR Meet-up in Oslo and it was amazing! I am so thankful to the organiser, Kay Tomas Bertheusse­n.
I have read before about Virtual Reality, watched videos, experienced it and even bought a pair of glasses from Zeiss. However, I was still not understanding exactly how it works…and to be honest, I didn´t spent enough time to find out. That´s why I am glad I went to this gathering. Not only that I understood how I can make my own 360 degrees movies and what software is the best to use, but I found out much, much more about how people are already using this technology. Either for nurse training or rehabilitation of people in the hospitals, or for journalism, it´s a new way of communication, much more complex. I won´t write everything in this post, but if anyone is reading this and is curious for more, just ask me. All it´s still fresh in my mind.
I want to write about something though. I want to share a few things to consider, to create a better storytelling through VR, by MADS DAMSBO, Founder and lead producer from Makropol :

  • appropriating emotions through body language
  • treat camera as your audience
  • montage over transportation
  • plates engage
  • scale as a factor
  • limits in Fov can drive story
  • physical connection to story amplifies emotional responses
  • point of interest (POI) is the key to editing